Empathy FM

Techno, minimal, deep house, and Italo disco. #rtnso

Club Empathy

Welcome Roadworkers!

Let the games begin.

To receive your first 100 $EPS tokens, please send your $ETH address to loot@epsilonrecords.com. (This is what is typically called an "Airdrop" where we give you a small portion of equity in our record label in exchange for your $ETH address as an incentive to join a platform. In our case, our platform is a "Record Label Collective" meaning we redistribute our profits to all of our artists annually.)

For our $EPS token faucet, please click here to gain the Mermaid power.
For special bonus content, please click here to gain the Unicorn power.
For bonus riddle clues, please click here to gain the Axolotl power.


  • Riddle bounties each release 1 $BTC once opened.
  • Do not open the box of Pandora without first gaining the Empathy power.
  • An example hint can be found here.

For 15% off your entire order in the shop (including all modular synthesizers), use code word roadwork.

You must be 18+ or older to play this game. Anyone found breaking the rules will be immediately banned.

Enjoy the SAMJNA House experience.
May the best person win, rtnso.com

Good luck!